I am an avatar

This is the benefit of human digitization

People are missing from digital product development. They’re laboriously integrated through physical testing at the end of development. Changes are then particularly expensive. The new avatar generation changes all that. If your target group is virtually integrated, you’ll save time, significantly increase product quality and profit throughout the entire company.

Products and performance are getting better

Digital people increase the maturity of your products many times over. Handling, comfort and operation become easier and more productive. Customer satisfaction and profitability increase.

Save up to 40% on costs

Anyone who digitally tests and optimizes saves many expensive tests on physical prototypes. If everything is geared to your customers right from the first draft, you’ll not experience any surprises at the final acceptance.

Save up to 50% time

One change usually results in the next change – but the later the changes in product development, the more alterations you’re going to need. The amount of time required is correspondingly high.

Added value for sales and marketing

Realistic visualization saves time and money in sales and marketing. Realistic product and customer images are already available before model freeze or collection release and can replace photo shoots and physical prototypes.