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Avalution and Human Solution become one:Humanetics Digital Europe Combined innovation for best-in-class-solutions


We are pleased to announce that Avalution and Human Solutions are coming together as one cohesive operating unit under the new name "Humanetics Digital Europe." This strategic merger is part of our ongoing efforts to streamline our operations and better serve our valued customers. By combining the resources, expertise, and experiences of both companies [...]

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Avalution measures German soldiers in 3D


A customer-specific 3D anthropometric survey project using 3D body scanners has been underway at the German Armed Forces since January. The project aims to record the body measurements and body shapes of around 2,500 members of the Bundeswehr, ensuring even better-fitting clothing and equipment in the future. The project is scheduled to run until 2024. The [...]

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A new size survey project – "SizeWorld CHINA"


China is one of the largest growth markets in the world, but with 1.4 billion inhabitants the diversity of its population is huge. China is made up of 56 ethnic groups, so, if your products need to “fit” your consumer – if you are in fashion or vehicle design, or if you produce uniforms or physical training equipment - you are going to need [...]

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Humanetics Group acquires Human Solutions and Avalution


The world’s pioneer of vehicle occupant safety acquires the world’s leader in human ergonomic digital design. The Humanetics Group, the global leader in safety testing and developer of biofidelic crash test dummies, software modeling and custom sensor solutions, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Human Solutions GmbH and Avalution GmbH, [...]

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ECOmmerce research project completed


Online retail continues to grow, especially in pandemic times, and with it the volume of returns, which represent a considerable environmental burden. The companies Avalution (Kaiserslautern) and Assyst (Munich), together with partners, have developed a solution as part of a research project that aims to significantly reduce the proportion of returns by [...]

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Optimizing protective clothing – the crisis is the hour of data


Anti-virus protective clothing is currently in short supply and a key factor influencing the impact of the COVID19 pandemic. It is also becoming clear these days that the standard sizes are suboptimal. The first companies are now looking for solutions to produce different sizes and thus a better fit. Avalution is supporting them with its unique database and [...]

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Avalution speaks at worldwide leading 3D body scanning conference


A body scanner solution for the trade and the results of the Size NorthAmerica measurement survey – at the 3D Body.Tech, the world’s leading conference for 3D body scanning technology in Lugano, Avalution is to present the results of these two innovative projects, showing just how versatile the range of uses for 3D body scanning can be. Even [...]

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An Asian première for Avalution


Avalution and its Chinese partner Leatech will be at the CISMA in Shanghai from September 25 to 28, 2019 (booth number W1-F63). The company will be presenting the 3D body scanner AVAone and the results of the Size NorthAmerica measurement survey for the first time in Asia. The CISMA in Shanghai will see Avalution showcase its expertise in the digitalization [...]

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Avalution presents Size NorthAmerica results: Body height growth is slowing in the USA, but body circumferences are increasing


The first results of Size NorthAmerica are now available. This was the most comprehensive representative measurement survey ever carried out with 3D body scanners, and it provides the industry with up-to-date information on how the bodies of US Americans have changed over the past years. Avalution will be presenting the results for the first time at the [...]

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Premiere at the Texprocess – a new 3D body scanner from Avalution


Creating an individual body scan in the changing cubicle – a scan that becomes the basis for customized clothing or a digital fitting session – this is Avalution’s vision for the store of the future. The company will be presenting its newly developed 3D body scanner at the Assyst Texprocess booth (Hall 4.0, C21). The new [...]

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Avalution at the Texprocess


Processes are becoming digital – and so is the human being! The availability of the human body in 3D is hugely important for digital product development – and for fashion buyers, having their own avatars could soon become commonplace. Founded in 2018, Avalution will bring its entire knowledge of digital human beings to the Texprocess for the [...]

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Digitalization as a way out of the returns trap – Avalution launches research project


If you shop online, you often order several sizes or articles to choose from – and returns are guaranteed. The transport to and from the customer and the processing – or even partial destruction – of the garments pollute the environment. Avalution, Assyst GmbH and the DITF Denkendorf are currently developing a solution based on the [...]

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It’s time for Avalution – a new company is founded within the Human Solutions Group


The Human Solutions Group based in Kaiserslautern has founded a new company, Avalution GmbH, which will specialize in the fields of body scanning and sizing & fitting. This effectively means that structures that have grown in recent years can now also be mapped organizationally. This thematic focus is aimed at making the company’s expertise in all [...]

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Avalution at the 3D Body.Tech in Lugano


A premiere for Avalution! The newly founded company from the Human Solutions Group, which has recently been expanded to include body scanning, serial measurements and sizing & fitting, will be at the 3D Body.Tech trade fair in Lugano on October 16th and 17th, 2018. The event is regarded as the world’s leading conference on body scanning [...]

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Digitalization in use – Human Solutions optimizes the clothing process for the Luxembourg Army


Clothing plays a central role in armies – the uniform turns a civilian into a soldier. Together with the Luxembourg Army, Human Solutions GmbH has now digitalized the clothing process for the soldiers, laying the foundation for a comprehensive process optimization. One of the first things a recruit does when joining the army is to visit the outfitting [...]

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Size NorthAmerica is on the road!


First sites set up – survey truck starts its tour in February The new representative anthropometric serial measurement survey in the United States and Canada is gathering momentum – two sites are now fully ready to scan test persons and a truck designed to function as a mobile measuring station will start its tour through the United States in [...]

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