It’s time for Avalution – a new company is founded within the Human Solutions Group

The Human Solutions Group based in Kaiserslautern has founded a new company, Avalution GmbH, which will specialize in the fields of body scanning and sizing & fitting. This effectively means that structures that have grown in recent years can now also be mapped organizationally. This thematic focus is aimed at making the company’s expertise in all aspects of the human body available to new target markets.

Every human body is different, and different products like vehicles, clothing, medical aids, furniture and many more must be designed to enable as many people as possible to use them. Avalution supports companies, research institutes and other institutions with the integration of digital people into product development and research. To achieve this, the company will use the world’s largest database of human body scans, perform serial measurements and develop 3D body scanners and associated software solutions. These solutions include serial measurement surveys, sizing and avatar generation, helping companies to deliver correctly-sized products to their customers.

A newly-founded company with a tried & tested specialist team in Kaiserslautern

Avalution will start life with more than 20 employees at the Kaiserslautern site. The managing directors are Dr. Andreas Seidl and Michael Stöhr. “We have been developing and distributing software solutions for the clothing and automotive sectors for many years now – and we are regarded as market and technology leaders in both of these industries. We have always opened up other

industries for our products and solutions – and we now want to strengthen this approach and do it with our own specialist team,” explains Dr. Andreas Seidl. An annual turnover of around €3 million is planned for the first business year. “Avalution will use our team’s many years of experience in Human Solutions body scanning and sizing & fitting to open up new markets,” says Michael Stöhr, who was previously Director of Fashion Management Systems for the Human Solutions Group.

Avalution shares the company headquarters with Human Solutions GmbH and Human Solutions Verwaltungs GmbH. Around 90 people work for the companies of the Human Solutions Group in Kaiserslautern. The group also includes Assyst GmbH, based in Aschheim-Dornach near Munich and the two foreign subsidiaries, Human Solutions of North America based in Morrisville/North Carolina and Sistemi Assyst in Lainate/Milan, Italy.

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