Optimizing protective clothing – the crisis is the hour of data

Anti-virus protective clothing is currently in short supply and a key factor influencing the impact of the COVID19 pandemic. It is also becoming clear these days that the standard sizes are suboptimal. The first companies are now looking for solutions to produce different sizes and thus a better fit. Avalution is supporting them with its unique database and many years of expertise in the field of body measurements. But body measurement data is not only important for the development of protective clothing.

Medical protective clothing has received a lot of media attention since the Corona crisis – doctors, nursing services, but also social institutions are looking for supplies and stock up on physical protection against the COVID19 virus. Everyone who cannot avoid close physical contact with other people needs this clothing for their own safety, but also to protect their counterpart. FFP-3 masks are protective masks that also protect against viruses. Until now, they have mostly been available in one size only, so they are not comfortable for everyone to wear – especially those who wear glasses often feel restricted. "Many certainly think that comfort is an aspect that can be dispensed with in view of the current challenges," says Managing Director Michael Stöhr. "But: Especially when people are in a permanent state of emergency due to long working hours and difficult decisions, supposedly trivial aspects such as an optimized fit can be significant". This not only applies to the already very sensitive field of vision – arm or leg lengths that are too long or too short or cuffs that are too tight also influence the wearer's body awareness. In addition, the correct fit also ensures greater safety. In the medical field, it is very important that no gaps are created which, for example, expose skin areas. With bulletproof vests, as used by the police and security services, a few centimetres can be decisive.

Avalution has a worldwide unique database of human body measurements and shapes. "In recent days we have received an increasing number of enquiries from companies that manufacture protective and work clothing," reports Anke Rissiek, Director Products & Projects. "These now need reliable body measurements. On the one hand, because they want to manufacture optimized products and need us to provide them with the appropriate body measurement data. On the other hand, there is no longer the possibility of having finished articles tried on as usual. Here, too, we can support product development with our avatars and size determination for clothing with proven digital solutions.”

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