Avalution at the Texprocess

Processes are becoming digital – and so is the human being! The availability of the human body in 3D is hugely important for digital product development – and for fashion buyers, having their own avatars could soon become commonplace. Founded in 2018, Avalution will bring its entire knowledge of digital human beings to the Texprocess for the first time (at the Assyst booth, Hall 4.0, C21). The company will also be presenting its brand new 3D body scanner AVAone and the results of the recent Size NorthAmerica measurement survey!

Avalution has the world’s largest database of human body scans – a unique source of information through which the apparel industry can benefit immensely in the course of digitalization. “We bring the digital human being into product development right from the start – this creates competitive advantages, from target group analysis and sizing & fitting development to virtual fitting on an avatar in the store,” says Michael Stöhr, Managing Director of Avalution, a company of the Human Solutions Group. Avalution’s know-how fits seamlessly into the scenarios presented by its sister company Assyst at the Texprocess – scenarios which will show what everyday work looks like when it’s digitalized. The objective? To find the right product quickly and cost-effectively.

Product development in 3D

The body data portal iSize is a fixed part of product development in many companies today, because it contains the data of the SizeGERMANY measurement survey and other important target group information. Body dimension data from nine other countries has long been prepared for the needs of the apparel industry. New in iSize are the results of Size NorthAmerica for the USA – and they will be officially presented for the first time at the Texprocess. To guarantee that the data is totally reliable, Avalution regularly carries out representative measurement surveys – for entire nations, but also for special target groups at the customer’s request.

Your avatar will do your shopping at the clothing store!

More and more apparel companies are focusing on 3D product development, so a garment ends up being digital, with a great deal of valuable information that makes completely new shopping experiences possible when combined with Avalution’s expertise in human body dimensions. The vision? “Thanks to our extensive database, we only need four simple details to create an individual avatar,” says Anke Rissiek, Products & Projects Director at Avalution. “The avatar can immediately take over the fitting session in the store – a size recommendation is generated, and the customer can immediately check on the monitor or smartphone if the chosen garment suits his or her taste. Using avatars can also ensure that fewer sizes are ordered for selection in online stores, so the digital human being also reduces the environmental impact of deliveries and returns.

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