Avalution speaks at worldwide leading 3D body scanning conference

A body scanner solution for the trade and the results of the Size NorthAmerica measurement survey – at the 3D Body.Tech, the world’s leading conference for 3D body scanning technology in Lugano, Avalution is to present the results of these two innovative projects, showing just how versatile the range of uses for 3D body scanning can be.

Even although Avalution is still a young company within the Human Solutions Group, the team members behind it are all pioneers of body scanning technology – and for many years now, they’ve been developing new and exciting projects that drive the technology forward. Managing Director Michael Stöhr will be presenting the results of these two projects at the world’s leading conference on body scanning technology in Lugano, Switzerland. “We will be showcasing our 3D body scanner, which we developed especially with the requirements of the trade in mind. The AvaOne fits in a changing cubicle, is easy to set up and operate and enables the fast, contactless measurement of a customer right on site,” says Stöhr. It is the first body scanner that the Avalution team has designed and developed completely independently in Kaiserslautern.

Valuable information for product development

Avalution will also be presenting the results of the Size NorthAmerica measurement survey to trade visitors in Lugano. “This measurement survey is the most comprehensive that has ever been performed with 3D body scanners,” says Stöhr. “We scanned a total of 18,000 people in different postures in the USA and Canada. The results show massive changes in the population: while body length has stagnated, body circumferences have increased significantly. Now for the first time we have representative data documenting these changes.” The information resulting from Size NorthAmerica is particularly valuable for companies developing products that depend on ergonomics or sizing & fitting – because by taking Size NorthAmerica’s results into account, they can not only develop products that fit better, but even open up new market segments.

The 3D Body.Tech conference will take place in Lugano on October 22 and 23, 2019.

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