Why should I participate in SizeWorld CHINA?

The Chinese size survey starts at the beginning of May with its first location in Beijing at Leatech, our Chinese partner. A total of 18,000 men, women and children in all relevant age groups and from 6 regions of the country will be measured within one and a half years. The size survey will be organized according to the proven concept after which SizeGERMANY, SizeITALY and Size NorthAmerica were also carried out and the results will be made available digitally in the iSize portal at the end of the project. However, this only applies to customers who take part in the SizeWorld CHINA size survey from now on and secure by that their access to the results. The offer is primarily aimed at the apparel and automotive industries. With the participation packages for the fashion sector there is the possibility to decide for single data packages (women, men or children) or to combine data packages. The prices depend on whether access to the data is to take place as a single company or in several branches, e.g. of a group of companies. There is also the option to access raw data (3D scans or body measurements) or the results of the socio-demographic survey. Here it is important to mention that the data is collected anonymously, thus meeting the requirements of data protection. Participate now in SizeWorld CHINA and secure your data package now!

For more information or an individual offer about your participation in Size WorldCHINA, please click HERE.

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