Webinar: Body measurements and correlations

On 31 March 2020, Avalution will start a new series of webinars – first we will focus on the Chinese apparel market with a special focus on body measurements and correlations.

What can you expect?

First of all we will look at the importance of the apparel market in China and its opportunities and growth potential for European apparel manufacturers. Then we look at the different body shapes and provide answers to the question of how Asians differ from Europeans in this respect – also with a view to other Asian countries. The circumferential proportions of the Chinese differ fundamentally because they have a much straighter silhouette.

The currently available China data in iSize are used to adapt a German size table for the Chinese market. In the process, both the primary dimensions are optimised and the range of sizes is adapted for the Chinese market.

The target group is: product development, sales, e-commerce, i.e. everyone who has to deal with making and selling clothing suitable for the Chinese market.

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