Systematic fit development for apparel

Current situation and challenges in the industry

The apparel industry today is very heterogeneous and there are very different perceptions of target markets and customers in the different areas of the apparel industry. In design, the designer looks at different characteristics than in technical product development when it comes to developing the pattern. So everyone has a slightly different customer in mind when they start their work. However, a common understanding of the target customer is extremely important in order to do justice to the brand, to strengthen it and to address the right people with the help of marketing. So, despite different sales channels, heterogeneous target customers in different and global markets, how can we ensure that the customer finds suitable products with us and at the same time we as a company (brand or brand) have to provide as few sizes as possible?

The key factor for developing a perfect fit is the avatar that corresponds to a specific target group. The relevant data for this comes from size surveys results of different countries, which Avalution has conducted in the past years. The body measurements have always been taken digitally with the help of 3D body scanners and are therefore available digitally so that they can be analyzed and compared. This has resulted in a number of products, such as morphotypes or standard measurement tables, which can now be used for the development of specific size tables. Avalution has a fully integrated process chain - from initial product development to virtual fitting and helps you to provide the right sizes for your collection. In addition, Avalution can also create a fit avatar very specific to your target customer and brand, ensuring that there is always the same fit understanding.

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