Size NorthAmerica – data & facts about the measurement survey

Around 18,000 people are measured for Size NorthAmerica, so representative statements can be made about average body measurements in the USA and Canada – but how can we make sure that the measured values are really representative?

Who is measured?

During the planning phase, the composition of the population in the USA and Canada was closely monitored and data from the U.S. Census Bureau and Canada Statistics was used. The typical immigration countries with heterogeneous populations pose special challenges for our team of experts at Avalution – because they have to determine in advance exactly how many people with which ethnic backgrounds and in which age group and region should be measured. This is the only way to make sure that the data can be later filtered and evaluated by region and target group.

Where and how are measurements taken?

Six regions were defined in which measurements with 3D body scanners were carried out in a total of 50 different fixed locations like universities and military bases – and also in a trailer that travelled through the country equipped with a body scanner. The participants were scanned in different standing and sitting postures and were also asked socio-demographic questions about their shopping behavior, for example, or their sporting activities.

The USA results are already in iSize

The results for the USA are now available for you, integrated into the iSize data portal. The measurement surveys will also be completed for Canada by the end of this year.


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