First Size NorthAmerica results presented at Texprocess

The population of the USA has changed – body height growth is slowing, while body circumferences are increasing. This has now been proven by the recent Size NorthAmerica measurement survey, the most comprehensive measurement project on the North American continent to date and the largest survey in the world performed with 3D body scanners. Significant differences can be seen between urban and rural populations, and between populations of different ethnic origins.

Highest average BMI (body mass index) ever recorded

One value is even more important here than the actual body dimensions, because it clearly illustrates the challenges that the American market poses for apparel companies – the BMI has the highest average values ever determined by a measurement survey. This means that that the proportion of overweight people in the USA is significantly higher than in other nations. At the same time, however, there is a very broad spectrum of differing BMIs – in the Western USA, for example, the BMI is significantly lower than in the Midwest.

You want to know more? Anke Rissiek, Director Products & Projects at Avalution, is lecturing about: The USA is changing: New insights from Size NorthAmerica serial measurement on Wednesday, 16th May, 3pm at the DTB Forum, Hall 4.1, A02.



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