SizeGERMANY – the most important facts & figures

If you’re looking for current body dimensions of Germans, you’ve come to the right place! SizeGERMANY is the current representative serial measurement survey of the German population. It was published in 2009. Before the SizeGERMANY data was made available, the body measurements of 13,362 men, women and children aged between 6 and 87 years had been determined at 31 measuring stations throughout Germany – and for the first time it was carried out using our 3D body scanners.

How have women changed?

Before SizeGERMANY, the last survey of women’s sizes took place in 1994. In contrast to these results, SizeGERMANY showed that the female population between the ages of 14 and 70 has become slightly larger and stronger.

Body height: increased by approx. 1.0 cm
Chest circumference: increased by 2.3 cm
Waist circumference: increased by 4.1 cm
Hip circumference: increases by 1.8 cm

How have the gentlemen changed?

Before SizeGERMANY, the last serial measurement survey for men took place in 1980. Since these results were never implemented for the apparel industry, the clothing sizes for men were based on data from the 1960s until SizeGERMANY came along!

For the male population aged 16 to 70, the following changes were found compared to the 1980 averages. Men have also grown taller and stronger:

Body height: increased by 3.2 cm
Chest circumference: increased by 7.3 cm
Waist circumference: increased by 4.4 cm
Hip circumference: increased by 3.6 cm

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