Why is the avatar a key factor in developing a perfect fit?

Digitization is one of the megatrends of our age and the fashion industry is no longer imaginable without it. Many companies in the industry have launched digitization projects, are putting their processes to the test and want to derive maximum benefit from the results. However, there is often a lack of consistency in the process steps to actually realize the desired time or cost savings. For example, digital product development requires digital patterns, digital fabrics, and ultimately digital customers who can try on the product before it is rolled out. This is where Avalution's avatars come in, representing the specific target customer in terms of measurements, shape and posture.

But how do you get such an avatar, and how can you be sure it actually matches a brand's target customer? Quite simply, affordable scanning technologies are capable of creating a digital twin of customers and bringing them into the digital world. But that's not enough to ensure that the avatar also matches a standard size in terms of body measurements. In so-called size surveys of entire country populations, which are also carried out with 3D body scanners, the basis is laid for targeted and standardized avatar creation. The collection of socio-demographic data helps to record customer habits and to evaluate these in a targeted manner when analyzing the collected data for specific projects. After all, not all avatars are the same, and the need can be quite different depending on the development process step. The decisive factor is that the generated avatar corresponds in its body dimensions and postures to those of a real person. Furthermore, to support the digital transition, a fit model avatar can be created that allows for comparability between real and digital fit. You can find out which avatar you need within which process step and how they differ from each other in our avatar campaign.

Why is the avatar a key factor in developing a perfect fit?

  • Avatars represent the specific target customer in terms of measurements, shape and posture.
  • Avatars enable pattern development, grading evaluation, design visualization during creative processes, communication in web shops.
  • Designers, pattern developers and fit experts benefit from the use of virtual mannequins through their flexible use.
  • The better the quality of the avatar, the better, faster and more efficient the product development process and product fit.
  • Heterogeneous target customers in different and global markets (e.g., wearing habits, size selection) require different avatars.
  • Different sales channels can deliberately target different types of customers (e.g., retail - e-commerce).
  • Established structures in companies sometimes lead to minimal adjustments of the existing size table based on sales feedback and returns, but not to a systematic new or further development of these.

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