How can apparel manufacturers consistently label their products by numerical sizes, alpha sizes and inch sizes to avoid returns?

One of the biggest problems in online shopping: how does the customer find his or her appropriate size? The issue becomes very complex from the customer's point of view due to the different size systems (numerical sizes, alpha sizes and inch sizes).

Customers' expectations with regard to sizes are always shaped by experiences they have had when buying comparable products from other suppliers. Manufacturers who behave in line with the market can avoid many returns as a result.

In order to determine these customer expectations, the sociodemographic questionnaire within the German size survey SizeGERMANY also asked which sizes customers normally buy, separated according to the different size systems. From this, the optimal allocations between numerical sizes, letter sizes and inch sizes (e.g. for pants) can be derived.

The effects from these optimal assignments are greater customer satisfaction and a reduction in returns resulting from ordering the wrong sizes.

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