How Workwear Benefits from Digitalization

Whether in a hospital, parcels depot or in an engineering assembly hall, employees in many industries today wear workwear. This means a lot of logistical effort, because new employees are constantly being given new clothing or having garments replaced. Good sizing & fitting is also vital, because workwear often has to fulfil safety-relevant functions e.g. clothing for the police, fire service and military.

The people who receive workwear know their clothing sizes in everyday life – but do these sizes also correspond to the sizes of their workwear? How can a standard appearance be developed if one person likes to wear wide clothes and the other feels more comfortable in tight clothing? And how do you ensure that the required garments are always available in sufficient quantities without stocking large quantities of sizes that you rarely need?

The Avalution team has developed a procedure that provides answers to these questions. The Luxembourg Army is the first customer to use this procedure for the initial clothing of its recruits, every one of whom is now measured with our 3D body scanner. An employee in the army’s clothing department receives an individual size recommendation for each item of clothing needed – around 30 different garments in all. The Luxembourg Army has adopted our system to digitalize its entire range of military clothing, not only to simplify the allocation of clothing sizes, but also to collect data that helps to optimize its stocks.

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