Does it always have to be an alphasize?

The apparel industry today is globally organized and sells its products worldwide. Nevertheless, different international markets are often served with one collection and one size system! And this despite the fact that there are differences in the body measurements and proportions of the respective population groups. In addition, there are different size labelling systems on the market, which require costly country-specific re-labelling. To meet these challenges, many companies are increasingly using alphasize labelling that is understood in all markets. This saves a lot of time and money. There are different strategies on how to implement such a size change in one's own company, which will be shown in this webinar and evaluated from a professional and economic point of view. As there are no specifications for the re-labelling of numeric to alpha sizes, we can evaluate the measurement survey data and compare the body measurements as well as the worn sizes to help. This allows for a good mapping of general market behavior.

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