Standard Avatars Kids available now

More and more apparel companies are using 3D technologies in digital product development for apparel. In addition to the digital pattern and materials in 3D, the avatar as a virtual customer also plays an important role in the fit evaluation. Many 3D systems today provide only a very limited set of 3D standard avatars for this purpose. In addition, the depicted body dimensions and shapes often do not correspond to the results of current size surveys, are very unrealistic and show only a few specific body features. This makes it all more valuable that standard children's avatars are now available at Avalution, which help to adapt clothing for boys and girls even better to their fit requirements. Up to the age of about 7, girls and boys change very similarly, so you can easily work with a unisex avatar here. However, this is no longer true later. Starting with size 128, avatars have different body measurements and grading and resulting body shapes for girls and boys. In contrast to the large organizational requirements for real fittings for children's clothing, the fit assurance in 3D opens up considerable saving potentials. The standard children's avatars can be provided either as complete size sets with all avatars for girls and boys, or as individual avatars in specific formats for use in all common 3D product development tools (e.g. 3D Vidya from Assyst). With the avatars, a specific size table with 22 measurements is available, which is optimally adapted to the EU market.



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