iSize / Morphotypes module

Customers expect products that are increasingly tailored to their individual needs and offer a perfect fit. This can only be achieved to a limited extent with existing sizing systems, because clothing sizes and the resulting requirements for a pattern can vary - depending on the body shape - even with the same primary body measurements and uniform age groups. This makes it all the more important to know the most common body shapes and body shape combinations of one's target group.

The basis for morphotype classification[1] in iSize is the relationship of body dimensions to one another. What is special about this, is that a wide range of two-dimensional body measurements are included in the analysis and provide three-dimensional information about a person's body shape. On this basis, a classification system can be created exactly as required for your company and its products in the iSize portal. By knowing the target group-specific morphology, you can optimally adapt the garment construction as well as the corresponding grading to your target customers. For more information about the iSize portal and the Morphotypes module, please contact our team of experts at Avalution.

[1] ZIM-Project iMORPH: KF2078104CJ4


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