Optimizing garment size tables and sizing & fitting for children

The simultaneous and not always proportional increase in length and circumference dimensions is probably the biggest challenge in the development of sizes systems for children. Their ongoing body development makes the search for suitable sizing & fitting evaluation models an almost impossible task – with the result that clothing manufacturers always face a major challenge to identify and implement optimization potential in their in-house children’s sizes systems.

Avalution can master this challenge with you! The company conceived and developed the international body measurements portal iSize, which enables users to analyze and compare worldwide body dimension data. In a completed customer project, Avalution analyzed an existing size table for the target group of children in the European market. The results showed that the chest circumferences were too small in relation to the steadily increasing body height, nor were the relationships of other body dimensions ideally identified. The consequences here are many garment returns and dwindling sales. However, the good news is that the childrenswear sizes system, body dimensions and grading have now been fully optimized. Since the body dimension differences between the girls’ and boys’ small sizes are not pronounced, the unisex sizes approach can significantly reduce the number of sizes and still fully match all the age groups – and the marked increase in the market share clearly showed the positive effect of these optimization measures.


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