Size NorthAmerica – men and women

Size NorthAmerica is the most comprehensive measurement survey to date carried out with 3D body scanners – and the results are now available. All the information about specific target groups and market potential in the USA is available in our online portal – and it can be filtered and evaluated to match individual interests.

Size NorthAmerica has proven that men and women in the USA have changed – and this has a significant impact on existing size systems. Body height growth has stagnated, while body circumferences have increased. The measurement survey also showed clear differences between urban and rural populations and between population groups of different ethnic origins.

In comparison to the US NHANES III study of 1990 (accelerated to 2008), the following average changes have occurred:


Women USA total

Men USA total

Body height

+ 1,1 cm

+ 1,0 cm

Chest circumference

+ 4,8 cm

+ 4,4 cm

Waist circumference

+ 2,5 cm

+ 5,0 cm

Hip circumference

+ 9,2 cm

+ 6,6 cm

The average BMI is alarmingly high

Another value has revealed how much the US population has changed, even more clearly than the new body dimensions – and that is the Body Mass Index (BMI). It has the highest average value ever recorded in a measurement survey – the results have proven that the proportion of overweight people in the USA is significantly higher than in other nations – in fact, more than half the adult population is too heavy!


Women USA total

Men USA total

Normal weight






Obesity class I-III



Particularly challenging for the industry is the fact that the spectrum of different BMIs in the USA is very large and it’s also regionally distributed – for example, the BMI in the west of the USA is significantly lower than that of the Midwest.

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