One body – many garment sizes

A blouse in size 38, pants in size 40... lots of sizes usually hang in ladies’ wardrobes. One dress size can only be allocated to 27% of all women. The majority deviate from the defined standard. And that means: The currently existing system of sizes does not represent the great variety of different body shapes – because the body shape, the morphotype, has an important influence on garment sizes. These are determined on the basis of certain primary dimensions – and these individual dimensions can be identical in women, even if other body dimensions are completely different. In other words: Even with the same primary dimensions, no one can say that one blouse will fit different women equally well.

This is why the Avalytics portal not only provides pure body dimensions, but also offers the possibility of analyzing target group-specific morphotypes. The evaluation of customer-specific interests then becomes much more comfortable and more flexible. Now for the first time, body shape analyses can be carried out – and in less time too.

Within the market filter definition, certain morphotypes and body characteristics can now be entered as market-limiting parameters, for instance. This makes it possible to calculate market shares for specific body shapes on the market.

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