Only Avalution has anything like this!

The heart of Avalution is the world’s largest database of human scans – and it’s available on our Avalytics portal. Here are three things that only Avalytics can do:

  • We have digitally acquired the body dimensions of over 100,000 people from 10 nations.
  • More than 120 body dimensions of men, women and children between the ages of 6 and 75 years are available, as well as those of infants and babies.
  • The dimensions are compliant with ISO 8559 and ISO 7250.

New data is also being added to the Portal as we write – our Size NorthAmerica serial measurement survey, for example, is currently in full swing. It’s the first representative serial measurement survey with 3D body scanners on the American continent – and our largest survey project to date, capturing the body dimensions of around 18,000 North Americans digitally.

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