Perfect posture training thanks to body scans

Aljona Savchenko and Bruno Massot inspired people all over the world at Olympia 2018. Their perfect freestyle program won them the gold medal in figure skating – although they started from 4th place after the compulsory program. The scientists at the IAT (Institute for Applied Training Science) in Leipzig had supervised the couple intensively during their preparations for the Olympic Games – and a 3D body scanner from Avalution was used for training purposes. Aljona Savchenko was scanned in different positions at the IAT. The scientists on site analyzed exactly how the optimal posture in the air should look. The flight motion was predicted so accurately that the couple received precise instructions for each motion sequence.

The 3D Body Scanner from Avalution has been in use at the IAT Leipzig since 2009 – and it’s always worked smoothly. More than 1,000 athletes were scanned on site and their data was evaluated to develop various training plans.

We’re delighted that our technology has made an important contribution to great performances in top sports over the past ten years!

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