CISMA 2019: Asian première for Avalution

Next week, Avalution and its Chinese partner Leatech will be at the CISMA in Shanghai. We will be presenting our 3D body scanner AVAone and our results of the Size NorthAmerica measurement survey for the first time in Asia. Meet the Avalution and Leatech team at CISMA booth W1-F63!

At the CISMA in Shanghai we will showcase our expertise in the digitalization of the human body for the first time at an Asian trade fair. We will be presenting our latest 3D body scanning solution – AVAone. Developed especially for use in retail stores and the apparel sector, the scanner completes our range of the company’s body scanners. “For example, AVAone can create an individual body scan in the changing cubicle, a scan which then becomes the basis for customized clothing or a digital fitting,” says Dr. Helga Gaebel, who is responsible for worldwide sales of Avalution’s 3D body scanners. “The AVAone is innovative and just as reliable as our body scanners that we use to measure people for scientific and medical purposes – but it’s much faster and easier to set up and operate.”

Size NorthAmerica results available in iSize

We will also present the results of our largest measurement survey project to date – Size NorthAmerica – during which around 18,000 people were measured in the USA and Canada. “For the first time, we now have representative data that scientifically confirms the impression that the American population has changed significantly,” says Dr. Gaebel. “The growth in average body length is stagnating, but the average body circumference is increasing. These are the highest average values ever recorded for a BMI (body mass index). Any company which manufactures products for the US market must take that into account.” Size NorthAmerica’s results are available on the iSize body dimensions portal. The data enables companies to analyze comprehensive information about the physical characteristics of specific target groups and to generate avatars for product development.

CISMA – one of the most important Asian fairs for the apparel industry

The CISMA international trade fair is held in Shanghai, China every two years – this year it will take place from September 25 to 28. The CISMA is one of the largest trade fairs for sewing machines, accessories and CAD/CAM – making it one of the most important marketplaces for China and all of Asia. The exhibition focuses on high-technology products for production and design.

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