Body Scanning – How We Make People Digital

Our body scanners are the most important tools we use to make people digital. Many people find it very interesting when they see their own body on a screen in three dimensions. For companies, body scans offer the opportunity to integrate digital people into product development and scientists use the data for their research projects.

But how exactly does a person become digital?

Capturing a person digitally is fast and easy. The person to be measured first enters the scanner room wearing tight-fitting underwear. The dimensions are captured in seconds using the optical triangulation method, which is currently the most accurate way of acquiring 3D dimensions in a contact-free procedure. The body is then reproduced in the form of individual small dots, with around 300 of these in one square centimeter.

Our software solution Anthroscan now extracts body dimensions from the points cloud – up to 150 different measurements can be calculated automatically.


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