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Digital twin

Avalution’s body scanner solutions are particularly valuable when it comes to precise digital human data. Measurements are taken 1:1 or a statistically-valid pool of test persons is digitized. The body dimensions are available in 3D for further analysis at any time.

  • Digital twin in the wind tunnel
  • Individual production for medical orthoses

Workwear & defense

Optimize inventories
and costs

Avalution can help companies to improve their garment logistics work: when ordering and fitting workwear, a lot of time is saved, and money is saved if detailed knowledge is available about the staff’s sizing & fitting requirements in advance. Body scanners or virtual scanners are used to take and allocate measurements. This helps to reduce inventory levels and optimize purchasing costs. The correct size & fit is also ensured for comfort as are important safety functions of the clothing.

  • Optimized warehousing for clothing
  • Example: Simulation with digital people in 3D

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