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    We make people digital. With 3D body scanning, realistic avatars and experience from countless projects, we provide the knowledge, data and tools to help you develop better and faster.

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    This is the benefit of human digitization!

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    18.000 men, women and children in the 3D body scanner

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    Perfect sizing & fitting for Asia within timeframes and budgets

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It´s time for Avalution

People in 3D will take you further. With 1:1 avatars of your target group, high-precision 3D body scanning and our expertise, you can make your products better and expand your market potential.

Really simple

Perfect for your customers and for you

Make your products more successful. Thanks to sizing & fitting, comfort, individualization and people-related functionality. With Avalution data and tools, you’ll save development time and answer the main product development questions.


3D body scanning
easy and fast


Real life avatars
with just one click


World´s largest
scan database


Top 3D projects for
leading companies

Products are getting better

Best-Fit design mit Avalution

We’ll help you to understand the size & fit your customers want from your products – and to apply this knowledge to your products and integrate them throughout your development and business processes. To achieve this, we offer you a valid data basis, well-founded analyses and turnkey systems.

How well do your products fit the people you want to reach?

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