Size survey

Humanetics is a world leader in the design and implementation of size surveys with 3D body scanners. We have carried out representative surveys for individual purposes, for special target groups and entire nations all over the world.

Participation in international
size surveys

Realization of customer-specific
size surveys

Individual consulting for your
size surveys

SizeWorld – We measure people all over the world

In recent years, we have performed size surveys on the populations in Germany, Italy and – the largest project to date – in the United States and Canada. Now we’re already in the starting blocks for the SizeWorld CHINA size survey.

SizeWorld projects

Exclusive access to national 3D populations

Improved product quality with exactly the right data

You can use the results of a size survey to assess your markets, potential and target groups in the apparel market and make adjustments to your sizetables that will benefit the fit of your product. You have access to all the necessary dimensions and shapes at any time – it’s as if your customers were actually present during product development! We’ll hand over all the data to you, evaluate the results according to your individual query and advise you on the optimal use of the data.

Management of the
survey sites

Individual concept development
for valid data

Data transfer and sustainable
data provision

How do the results become usable?

You’ll get the results as you need them for your process. Whether pure body data, market share tables, sizetables or avatars for the different stages of your product development – we’ll exactly deliver what helps you most.

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