We make sure it’s a perfect fit

Humanetics’ experts will help you to increase your knowledge about your target group. Whether it’s optimized size tables, market potential analyses, process optimizations, measurements by means of 3D body scanning, the generation of average body geometries, or setting up automatic size recommendation/concepts for individual products – backed by our many years of experience, we will work with you to develop a customized solution that will take your company forward.

Our experts

Our interdisciplinary team brings together apparel engineers, ergonomists, mathematicians, computer scientists, social scientists and more. They all have worked with apparel industry for many years – and they know the challenges of the industry from their experience gained in many projects. Our project managers will always be on hand to offer advice and support and to coordinate interaction with our developers and other team members.

Facts & figures about your customers

Would you like to know more about your customers? Humanetics offers the world’s most comprehensive database of representative data on body dimensions and body shapes – and the team that will determine the essentials for you from this data. Thanks to the availability of internationally representative body scan data, your target group can be precisely defined, re-measured and analyzed at any time. For example, we’ll check for you whether you’re reaching the people you want to reach with your sizing strategy, and we’ll analyze which changes you can make to increase your market share. In this way, you’ll enter new markets with no risk, improve your products and increase your profitability.


Data basis

Body shape

Analysis tools & expertise

Turn your questions into a competitive advantage! We offer solutions to support our customers, from the early stages of product development all the way to the point of sale. We’ll help you to precisely understand your customers’ requirements and to integrate them effectively into your product development and your company, as avatars, as market potential analyses, or as optimized size tables.

Consulting: How much can your product benefit?

Every company is different. That’s why we look at the fine details, such as your target group, your product and your team – we will develop the solution for your individual challenge. Together we’ll look at the existing data in your company, review processes and look for ways to simply make your product better. We’ll take you along with us on this journey, so you can always see where our results come from and how they can be further developed independently, even after the end of the project.

What does our client look like?

Special target group Best Ager
Current data on body dimensions, body shape and posture
Optimal fit
High level of customer satisfaction


All of Asia at the touch of a button

More market potential in Asia
Optimal fit/protective function
Significant time saving
Competitive advantage in Asian sales

How shapewear works

Valid data of the target group
Precise measurement
Improved fit
More market potential

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