3D body scanning

It all started with 3D body scanning. With our 3D body scanners and associated software solutions, we have shaped body scanning technology over the past decades and continuously developed our expertise in countless projects.

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Our 3D body scanners

Humanetics offers the right hardware and software for a wide range of different challenges:

What can 3D body scanning do for you?

3D body scanning gives you the most accurate body dimensions and information about body shape and posture, all within a few seconds. Our body scanners always use the same measuring principle and measure much faster than manual methods. Body dimensions, shapes and posture are immediately available as 3D data, which can be archived to perform additional measurements or analyze customer data.

The collected knowledge about the body dimensions of your customers helps to optimize ordering, storage and development. This makes your product simply better and also speeds up your processes.

Virtual scanning in online retail

  • Up to 10% fewer returns
  • Up to 60% fewer multiple orders
  • 100% innovative shopping experience for the customer


3D body scanning in product development

  • Up to 50% time savings
  • 100% product maturity
  • Efficient development of new markets

3D body scanning for fitting workwear

  • Up to 97% correct fitting rate
  • Up to 60% time savings during fitting
  • Simplified process for the workforce

Scanned in a matter
of seconds

3D measurement


provision of data

Our 3D measurement software


Anthroscan is the world’s leading software for 3D body scan acquisition and analysis. It delivers precise body dimensions for science and industry through fast, non-contact measurement of subjects. Anthroscan extracts valid data using consistent measurement and evaluation methods.

Individual solutions for your company

If you have individual business ideas, we will develop specific scanner solutions for your products and your processes. Everything is taken into account in the new development procedure – from the actual measurement of individual body parts (such as head, arms and legs) to specific body postures and special scanner environment. Our experts will remain at your side all the way to a ready-to-go solution.

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