SizeWorld CHINA

China has the largest area in Asia, and the country is the third largest in the world. Its global gross domestic product of €12 trillion is second only to that of the USA. But how do the Chinese differ from Europeans and Americans? To find out, we’re going to measure the dimensions of the Chinese population with 3D body scanners.

Middle-class growth driven by higher incomes

A growing demand for luxury consumer goods

The largest retail and automotive market in the world

Why is the size survey necessary?

In recent decades, age & socio-demographic structures and body dimensions & proportions have undergone significant changes in China. The body data which is currently available is challenging for the apparel and automotive industries because changes and detailed information for specific target group markets have not yet been documented. The new, representative and up-to-date data collected during this SizeWorld CHINA will enable participating companies to review the available design and fit and adapt them to match the current market situation.

Facts & figures about SizeWorld CHINA

9,000 people scanned at twelve sites in six regions

Men, women & children between the ages of 6 and 75, in nine age groups

Measurement in a 3D body scanner in four scanning postures

For whom are the results of SizeWorld CHINA interesting?

The automotive and apparel industries are very interested in the SizeWorld CHINA data and results, which are always available to participating companies in digital form on our iSize portal when we have completed the analysis phase. The portal has both the body dimensions and 3D information about the subjects measured, enabling companies to perform solidly-founded analyses.

When will the results of SizeWorld CHINA be available?

The implementation of the size survey in China is planned for about twelve months, and the results will be published after that. However, this doesn’t mean that everyone will get access to these results! SizeWorld CHINA is a privately organized project, so the results and data will only be available for those companies that have already agreed to participate in the project through their sponsorship contribution.

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