Turn ergonomics into a competitive advantage

Operability, comfort and safety are the key factors for the market success of products. Integrating ergonomics from planning to series production in product development places high demands on competence, processes and resources. With our experts, you can break new ground, secure highly qualified expertise and significantly improve your performance.

Ergonomic Engineering

Four pillars for your success

Basic ergonomic design & statistical analysis

We lay the foundation for efficient development with an ergonomically coordinated dimensional concept.

Target market definition & test collective creation

We create a target group tailored to your requirements for optimal product design.

Digital security

We digitally analyse the ergonomics of your design and derive suggestions for improvement.

Real security and user acceptance

We analyse the ergonomics of your design tangibly on the model and derive suggestions for improvement.

Our range of services for you

As specialists in ergonomics, we offer you a special combination of KNOWLEDGE, DATA, METHODS AND TOOLS, to make your products successful and your processes stronger.

The world’s largest scan database

Basic ergonomic design. Our success factors.

Experts from the fields of
anthropometry, measurement surveys
and body scanning.

iSize, Bodyscanner
and Anthroscan.

Collaborations with institutes,
universities, universities of applied sciences
and industry.

anthropometric databases
Establishment of
new databases
Body dimension statistics for
realistic test collectives

Constantly improve your products


directly integrated into development

Market-leading expertise

on methods, ergonomics and field studies

Real 3D population

the world’s most precise database

Best Practice

All of Asia in CAD at the touch of a button

More market potential in Asia
Optimal sizing & fitting/protective function
Significant time savings
Competitive advantage in Asian sales

Nairo Quintana
Taking the lead with

Digital twin
Significant time savings
Interaction of body,
clothing and equipment

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