Avalution and Human Solutions are merging into a single operating unit: Humanetics Digital Europe.
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We create fit. We have all the body measurement data and tools the apparel industry needs. Together with our customers, we develop the perfect fit and functionality for each target group.


Engineered fit. We improve your product to the needs of your target group and ensure optimal ergonomic functionality with our data and tools.

World’s largest scan database

Our solutions

3D body scanners



World’s largest
anthropometric database

Measurement surveys

Statistically accurate body dimension data

Avatars & fashion manikins

Digital models and fashion manikins for fit


Expertise of
our specialists

Really simple

Perfect for your customers and for you

Make your products more successful. Through fit, comfort, individualization and human-friendly functionality. With Avalution’s data and tools, you’ll save development time and answer the main questions of product development.

Products get better

Best-fit design with Avalution

We’ll help you to understand the physical needs of your customers to your products, to apply this knowledge to your products and to integrate it consistently into your development and business processes. To this end, we offer you a valid data basis, well-founded analyses and ready-to-go solutions.

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