Grow beyond yourself. We do too.

Those who join Avalution to strengthen our team will always get opportunities to prove themselves – in large projects, with well-known manufacturers, working with innovation technologies and in leadership. Our decision-making processes are short, so you can pull out all the stops – and we can quickly benefit from you good suggestions and ideas.

Innovation at the very forefront

With Assyst you can experience close-up how innovation is created and how it results in economic added value.

We achieve much – and make much possible

We give our all for our customers and for research – but when it comes to career planning or more flexibility for the family, we’ll also be there for you... 100%.

It’s the result that counts

We hope that this applies to you as well. Targeted commitment is important to us, which is why our managers shape their leadership approaches based on clear performance targets.

Come to Humanetics!

Help to make our customers’ products unique through their fit, comfort, individualization and human-oriented functionality.