Welcome to Avalution

We make people digital

Avalution scans, measures, analyses and digitalizes real people – and you can use our knowledge and our data immediately in the form of statistical or individual avatars, web services or studies. Your time-to-market will be significantly shorter, and your products/services will fit/satisfy your customers.

Avalution at a glance


an interdisciplinary team of 20 experts from anthropometry, ergonomics and IT


approx. €2 million


Kaiserslautern, Germany


Michael Stöhr (CEO)
Anton Preiß (CEO)
Karsten Newbury (CEO)


over 300 companies worldwide from the automotive, fashion, manufacturing, sports, medical and research industries

New possibilities in product development

By integrating avatars and 3D body scanners into your everyday business, you can immediately continue working, but at a much higher sizing & fitting level. Your ability to innovate will also increase, because new ideas can be tried out immediately and tested on your virtual target group.

Our vision: The digital human being in the virtual room

The Avalution has taken place. Avatars are now commonly used in product development. Body scanners are part of everyday life in companies and stores. Avatars are also now in the consumer sector. Today, it’s completely normal to provide a digital twin when shopping – like a PayPal or Facebook account – and then get the appropriate product choice.